/f chest

10.00 USD

This command allows you to access the Faction Chest! The Faction Chest is a way of saving some items from being wiped!

-Save your items from being wiped

-Upgradable with in game currency! (Default is 9 slots)

-The contents of this chest will not be wiped every 2 weeks!

-This command is available to win in the OP Crate! (1/20 Chance)

Q: Whats the max amount of items that can be stored?

A: The default is 1 row (9  slots), so 9 shulker boxes worth of items could potentially fit in and be kept after each server wipe. That's 243 non-stackable items up to 15,552 stackable items. Each upgrade that costs in game money adds an additional row (9 slots) for a maximum of 4 rows (36 slots).